Thumbnail for I’m a pharmacist and this is the number 1 misconception people have about cold and flu season

Every year during cold and flu season, Edith Mirzaian, PharmD, the associate professor of clinical pharmacy at the University of Southern California, finds herself setting the record straight—a lot. There are certain myths about colds and flus that never seem to go away, sticking around way longer than the actual virusesContinue Reading

Thumbnail for When Instagram ‘wellness influencers’ sound like the pro-anorexia blogs that fueled my eating disorder

My best friend’s Instagram “discover” page is full of photos of golden retrievers. My mother’s, of inspirational quotes superimposed onto nature scenes (you know the ones). Whenever I open up my favorite app, however, I’m immediately bombarded with videos of women with four-packs demonstrating workouts, or perfectly-lit images of greenContinue Reading

This Well+Good designer turned her living room into a personal Zen den—here’s how you can do it, too

The living room is the space in your home literally designed for kicking back. But since it’s also the room where the majority of your at-home life happens (hence the name), it can be tough to strike a balance between can-easily-entertain and this-is-my-wind-down-zone—especially if you have roommates or kids. ButContinue Reading


As someone with at least a casual interest in wellness, there are likely a few questions you ask yourself when perusing the grocery store aisles. Checking the label to see if something is organic, where it’s sourced from, and if the packaging is sustainable have (thankfully) become more common whenContinue Reading