Thumbnail for Arm dancing is the key to getting ballerina-strong arms—try these 3 moves to get you started

American singer-songwriter Kenny Loggins wrote the lyrics, “everybody cut loose, footloose” for the 1984 film (must I specify?) Footloose. Almost 40 years later, Bomont has been conquered, the movie’s remake has been released to mixed reviews, and now it’s time we start setting loose our other limbs. Meet arm dancing,Continue Reading

Williamsburg is basically ‘Wellnessburg,’ and we have the healthy travel guide to prove it

 Ready to plan your wellness-rich Williamsburg itinerary? Watch the video for inspo. There isn’t much Well+Good video producer and host Ella Dove hasn’t tried in the name of wellness (horseback yoga, anyone?) So naturally, we tend to trust her opinions on what’s worth trying and what’s plain weird—no matterContinue Reading

Thumbnail for A self-help book from 1936 is New York Public Library’s most-borrowed non-fiction title ever—here’s why it’s still relevant today

While most advice gets lost as the years go by, certain wisdom proves timeless. First published in 1936, Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends & Influence People is widely considered one of, if not the best self-help books to date. According to the New York Public Library, it’s one ofContinue Reading